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Syallabus of scholarship

 Syallabus of scholarship

Scholarship Exam for Standard 5th & 8th

For more than 50 years the Government of Maharashtra has conducted scholarship examinations for standard 4th and 7th. However according to the new GR ordinance, scholarship exams is now conducted for standard 5th and 8th.

Considering this we have introduced a new scholarship programme for enhancing Mathematics and English for students who will be enrolling for scholarship exam.

The course begins this year from 4th or 7th grade thereby allowing students to be prepared for the next year for 5th and 8th grade scholarship exams in advance.

Students can score well in most subjects but English and Mathematics is always difficult to comprehend and apply. This program will allow students to be prepared in advance for both these subjects therefore helping them score better.

Subjects Covered:

Language, Mathematics, Intelligence Test, Marathi.


Basic Grammar, Phrases, Clauses, Comprehension and Vocabulary.


Number Line, Metric System, L.C.M and H.C.F, Average, Algebraic Expressions, Identities, Percentage, Discount, Rebate, Commission, Basic Geometry, Triangles, Polygons.

Intelligence Test:

Comprehension, Classification, Anatomy, Series, Relationship, Direction, Calendar, Age, Ranking, Position and Mathematical Puzzles

Paper Pattern

Paper 1

Language – 25 Questions/ 50 Marks. Mathematics – 50 Questions / 100 Marks. Time – 1 hour, 30 mins. Total – 75 Questions / 150 Marks

Paper 2

Marathi – 25 Questions / 50 Marks. IT- 50 Questions / 50 Marks. Time – 1 hour, 30 mins. Total – 75 Questions / 150 Marks

Who can participate –

5th & 8th Std students of SSC, CBSE, ICSE etc.

Difficulty level of Questions – East -30%, Medium – 40% and Hard – 30%.


1.Important topics of Language and Mathematics are covered. 2.Basic concepts are cleared at a very early stage which will help students in their further studies. 3.Time management, planning, analytical and intellectual skills are developed. 4.It also helps students to tackle school academics studies. 5.Fear of exam is also overcomes and they inculcate a habit of self study. 6.Weak areas of a particular subject are identified and can be worked upon it. 7.It also aid in career selection because students begin to recognise their ares of interest while gaining a deeper understanding of subjects. 8.Thus it lay a groundwork for a successful career. 9.Finally it helps in future competitive exams like HM-JEE, Banking, Government exams, 10.Entrance Exams, etc.

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