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Scholership exam


Scholership exam 

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) conducts scholarship exams for Class 5 and Class 8 students in the state of Maharashtra, India. These exams are designed to assess the academic abilities of the students and reward them for their hard work and dedication.

Maharashtra Class 5 Scholarship Exam 2024

The Maharashtra Class 5 scholarship exam is conducted for students in their 5th standard of primary school. The exam covers subjects such as Mathematics, Environmental Science, and Language (Marathi/English).

The purpose of this exam is to identify talented and bright students and provide them with financial assistance to further their education

Maharashtra Class 8 Scholarship Exam 2024

The Class 8 scholarship exam is conducted for students in their 8th standard of middle school. The exam covers subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Language (Marathi/English).

The purpose of this exam is to identify students with exceptional academic abilities and provide them with financial assistance to support their education and encourage them to continue their studies.

The state gives scholarship to 100 students every year each from Class 5 and 8. Getting a state scholarship is a moment of pride for students as well as schools. Maharashtra Scholarship 2024 adds to the academic excellence of the students.

The date for MCSE PUP Class 5 an PSS Class 8 Scholarship exam have been announced by the School Education Minister for the state of Maharashtra.

The announcement was made on July 20 via the Twitter handle of the minister and an official notice was released for the same, which can be checked here.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship exam, students must be enrolled in a recognized school in the state of Maharashtra. They must also meet certain academic requirements and score well on their previous exams.

Exam Format

The scholarship exams are conducted in a written format, with multiple-choice questions. The exams are designed to test the students’ understanding and knowledge in the subjects covered.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The scholarship provides financial assistance to students to help them further their education. This support can greatly benefit students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and may not otherwise have the resources to continue their education.

The Maharashtra Scholarship Exam for Class 5 and Class 8 is a great opportunity for students to showcase their academic abilities and receive financial assistance to further their education.

Students who perform well on the exam can receive valuable support that can help them achieve their academic goals and pursue their dreams.

Maharashtra Scholarship Exam Date Highlights

The Upper Primary Scholarship Examination (E-5th) and Pre-Secondary Scholarship Examination (E-8th) is scheduled to be held in February.

Maharashtra Scholarship exam for MCSE PUP Class 5 and PSS Class 8 is scheduled to be held in February. 

Students are advised to keep a constant check here and on the official sites for more updates. 

A glimpse at the statistics for this examination tells us that more than 47,000 schools have registered for this examination across the state of Maharashtra. In these schools, more than 60 lakh students have applied for this Maharashtra Scholarship Exam.

Maharashtra Scholarship Exam is a state level exam conducted by the Maharashtra State Council of Examination, MSCE.

The exam aims at identifying students having academic talent in Class 5 and Class 8. Keep following this page for more updates on Maharashtra Scholarship exam.

Exam day instructions

1.Students appearing for the exam are advised to maintain social distancing in order to avoid overcrowding.

2.No student will be allowed to appear for Maharashtra Scholarship exam without admit card.

3.Students should not wear any fancy accessories and other items prohibited as per the examination rules.

4.Students must reach the exam center 1 hour before the commencement of the examination.

5.Students are advised to carefully read the instructions given on the cover page of the test booklet.

6.Fresh masks and gloves should be used by exam functionaries after staff verification is done. Same is applicable for students as well.

7.Sanitizer bottles would be arranged at the entry gate, examination rooms, staff room etc.

8.Students or other stakeholders having queries on Maharashtra Scholarship exam can reach out to the Help Desk.

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