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Current status of primary school


What is the Current Status of the Primary Schools in India?

Improving learning will necessitate several changes, including increased teacher responsibility. According to school visits, teacher attendance in primary and middle schools is only 85%. Increasing the time teachers spend on-task and increasing their responsibility for student learning is also needed. Better assessments at each grade level and more effective monitoring and support systems are also required as part of this process. Overall, the public school system needs a more effective general administration system.

In India, about 20% of children who come in the age group of 6 to 14 are out of the enrollment ratio, and the children who have been enrolled are lack attendance in schools. According to an estimate, around 26% of children tend to drop out before standard 5. The state of affairs for primary education in India is grim in states like Rajasthan and Bihar.
What are the Obstacles Before Primary Education in India?
There are many reasons for the ongoing situation in the Primary education in India and can be understood by addressing the obstacles:

In India, a large population lives below the poverty line, contributing primarily to the problem.

Many schools are yet to be made in the rural sector, and the schools available in the urban areas are sometimes a burden for the parents as the busy roads and traffic make the parents not risk their kids' lives.

The conditions of schools in rural areas are another example of the poor functioning of the primary sector.

The education system is another constraint to primary education in India. The education given to children or teenagers does not reflect the work environment. This is why parents prefer to send their children to be an apprentice under someone and learn a craft to make a living in the future.

Caste discrimination is another reason for the large deficit in the Primary education in India.

Allowance of child labour is another obstacle before primary education.

Teachers lack motivation and training.

Changes in the Primary Education System in India

The government has undertaken several measures to resolve the problems and enhance education received by students in primary school. The authorities started the District Education Revitalisation Programme (DERP) in 1994 to reform and vitalize existing Primary education in India.

India's central government-managed 85% of the DERP, while the respective states controlled the remaining 15%. It led to 1.6 lakh schools within the country, where 84,000 schools offered alternative education to 35 lakh students.

The authorities enacted the Right to Education(RTE) within India's constitution on the 4th of August 2009, which stressed the importance of providing free and compulsory education for children between 6 to 14.

In 2016, Kerala became the first state to have achieved 100% literacy in the primary education in India level of study. It was attained after the government had set up its literacy program called Athulyam.

The complete change of government schools in India by the government of Delhi is another significant achievement in the sphere of primary education in India.

Over time, the government incorporated several schemes such as:

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is currently one of the largest initiatives in the educational sector in the world.

Midday meal scheme.

Schemes for infrastructure development for minority institutes.

Due to the lack of girls in schools, the government has also introduced various schemes as given below to encourage girl children to receive an education:

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

The national program for the education of girls at elementary education:

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya

The government took these steps and implemented them by both the government and various NGOs so that no child lacks the fundamental right to education.

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